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Sports federations even have to develop special standards for the level of testosterone in the blood for athletes with high levels of the male hormone and transgender athletes. For a long time, it was believed that high levels of testosterone are associated with men's aggressiveness, their success in comparison with women and the eternal desire to have sex. In fact, most of these theses have already been refuted.

If scientists still argue about the connection between testosterone and aggression, the theory of the superiority of men over the fair sex in many areas thanks to this hormone has been disproved: women can act decisively, quickly learn information, and are able to take risks as well as men. Testosterone is responsible for libido, but even a high level of the hormone in the blood does not mean that a man wants and is ready to have sex around the clock. He may have other strong stimuli (work, sports, obsession with an idea) that will distract from sexual attraction.

It was also refuted the claim that the more testosterone in the body, the better for it and the more masculine the man. The level of the hormone is much higher than normal can cause irritability, strong mood swings, sleep disorders. The excess the hormone affects the hair loss, the appearance of pimples on the skin and can also trigger various diseases, including heart attack and stroke.

To find out what kind of testosterone you have, you need to take a blood test in the morning (preferably in the interval from 7 to 11 hours), because it is in the morning that the content of testosterone in the blood is maximum. In addition, other special tests are necessary - determining the level of LH, a protein that binds sex hormones, as well as a number of other tests that the doctor will prescribe based on the results of the examination.

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At the same time, testosterone deficiency can be suspected from the clinical symptoms. Several special questionnaires and scales have been developed for this purpose. After answering a few questions, you can guess whether your testosterone is reduced or not.

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